Jan. 9th, 2012 02:16 am
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Hello, I am..  I dunno if I should say my name yet, I'll call myself Tailsy or Quote for now ^^;

I love video games :3. Like Nintendo, Sonic, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Secret of Mana, and stuff.

I also make games. I used to. Now, I'm making stuff with RPG Maker VX Ace, but yeah >w<.

I'm shy... People think I'm a troll cuz of how weird and shy I am. Anyways, I'm super shy indeed. I has social anxiety. Hablah.

I've just been depressed, lately, though. Blah.... Sorry for having such yosh in my first entry, but blah, I feel dead and depressed lately.

Gah....... I hate always sitting on teh computer or playing games, always sitting down and there's no room under meh computer desk and BLAH lemmie get to some other point.

Everyone online makes fun of me ;-; and now after more people said I draw and type like a 5 year old, they posted screenshots of how I talk online and everyone kept commenting on it making fun of me... And it keeps going on =(.

I had to change my journal to this, teh trolls keep linking my livejournal to all kinds of hate groups saying that I act like a retard and to 'make me life miserable using this' and blah...

I hate myself so much, I'm so pathetic, I'm supposed to be a leet guy, but I'm so pathetic and awaaaaaaah ;________;;;;;;;;;;

I hate myself, and I'm sick of being in this house >w<.... This computer chair is not-good-able and thus my back can't really go against it and my legs can't really stretch, and my mom keeps smoking cigarettes when she's not supposed to and coughing loudly all the time from it and I can never see anyone and HABLAH I just deserve to live like this and it is displeasing that I fail at life, Hablah!!!

I'm so pathetic, I'm not 110% suuuuuuper independent enough cuz I'm scared to drive a car alone and stuffs, and everyone online won't stop consistantly making fun of me calling me a retard and saying they'll make everyone hate me and stuff, like a maniac.

I DUNNO T_T I'm just.. dead inside, I wish I had more friends, and I hate myself from teh online trolls that don't like me and BLAH!

It's too hard to make friends, everyone online thinks I'm a retard, I don't have the confidence, I keep spamming "=3" to people while I keep being super shy and afraid and they keep asking me if I'm a troll and then make fun of me, blah.

CURSSES! To the max! Anyways, sorry for teh suuper annoying emo rant thingies blaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Anyways ^^; Yay DreamWidthness :3! This place seems cool ^-^.


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