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Jesse ([personal profile] freshquote) wrote2012-01-27 07:00 pm

abused by my mom OwO

gosh my mom always ... I can't even say to anyone which is nearly the worst part of it all -_-;

she does horrible things, I'm thinking perhaps maybe cuz she's lonely and wants to stick in my mind more by doing SUPER terrible annoying horrible things that harm me in all kinds of ways, and it stinks.

I always hit my head, then try to sleep but my head still hurts where I hit it, and blah, when my mom does such things.

And now she's on her phone with my aunt and she keeps saying that I'm "retarded" and making fun of me as usual blah...

Cursses! Cursses to teh max!
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[personal profile] nature_heart 2012-01-29 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
Just because she's lonely, doesn't mean she has a right to make you miserable. You should confront her about it.