Feb. 1st, 2012 01:49 pm
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Every single day I end up hitting my head hard from the stress of the terrible things my mom does, and so...

What can I do to relieve stress besides hurting my head :X?

I wish this house was more soundproof, I always hear every single maaaaad loud annoying sound my mom purposely makes from upstairs, and when I tell my mom I want it to be more soundproof, she gets mad and says there's no way and stuff =X  but anyways...

I wish to know how to relieve my stress >w<.

GOSH I hate how my mom keeps smoking cigarettes all day and coughing and breathing on me like she just did fffffffffffff ... she still always coughs on my food and stuff cuz she's jealous of my girlfriend that she says is 'breaking her heart'

and blah, I don't know if I want my girlfriend to be here for a week any more cuz my mom keeps maaaad breathing on me on my mouth and everything like a maniac from smoking so many cigarettes and cuz she's jealous of meh girlfriend, and if meh girlfriend comes here then the whole house'll be infected with my mom's coughing and smoking and blah

I must find out how to relieve my stress without hurting myself >w<

edit: BLAH she did it again teh thing she does every single day ware she ... fff ... I have to run up into the computer room upstairs because she goes to the bathroom with the door wide open ooooooooook that's one of teh terrable horrible things she does ;-;  and I ended up hitting my head hard again today, I wish I knew another way of relieving stress =X
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gosh my mom always ... I can't even say to anyone which is nearly the worst part of it all -_-;

she does horrible things, I'm thinking perhaps maybe cuz she's lonely and wants to stick in my mind more by doing SUPER terrible annoying horrible things that harm me in all kinds of ways, and it stinks.

I always hit my head, then try to sleep but my head still hurts where I hit it, and blah, when my mom does such things.

And now she's on her phone with my aunt and she keeps saying that I'm "retarded" and making fun of me as usual blah...

Cursses! Cursses to teh max!


Jan. 18th, 2012 03:58 am
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All of my friends and old friends have moved on, to the max.


And I feel so pathetic ever since the troll that stalks me and bothers me, kept telling me in e-mails that I'm a worthless *censored* and that the world would be better off without me...

And it stinks still being in my house, superly wanting to stretch my legs moreso and stuff, as I sit in my computer chair and decay (when I'm not making stuff,) hablah.

I've been feeling so empty, and Qz went to another state, and Kristen did that forever ago, and Vicky's far in college, and I feel so pathetic and lonely, hablah...

I have rarely had a friend, I wish that I wasn't so shy sometime, hablah T_T ;_;. *Plays Team Fortress 2 some more, I've played it for over 1,000 hours now it says, lolz ^^;...*


Jan. 9th, 2012 02:16 am
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Hello, I am..  I dunno if I should say my name yet, I'll call myself Tailsy or Quote for now ^^;

I love video games :3. Like Nintendo, Sonic, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Secret of Mana, and stuff.

I also make games. I used to. Now, I'm making stuff with RPG Maker VX Ace, but yeah >w<.

I'm shy... People think I'm a troll cuz of how weird and shy I am. Anyways, I'm super shy indeed. I has social anxiety. Hablah.

I've just been depressed, lately, though. Blah.... Sorry for having such yosh in my first entry, but blah, I feel dead and depressed lately.

Read more on why I'm dead inside... )

Anyways ^^; Yay DreamWidthness :3! This place seems cool ^-^.


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